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This post is the second example of how to make a 110 volt temperature controlled soldering station. Please refer to the previous post for information on materials used, their costs and where they can be obtained. The steps for modifying the soldering iron are very similar to the previous post but a few things are different for this version.


The steps for making the controller are virtually the same. As a result, most of the details for the controller have been omitted in this post. The main difference is the addition of a green ground wire to the 4-pin female DIN socket. (more…)


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This post shows how to build a do it yourself 110 volt soldering station. It is a step by step guide that shows how to convert a regular plug-in soldering iron into a temperature controlled unit.


It is an easy project that is inexpensive to make and requires only basic skills to build. It is made from off the shelf parts that can be obtained from online suppliers plus a few parts from a local hardware store. It is inexpensive to build plus it makes a shop tool that is on par with some commercially available units. (more…)

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